Trail Rules

  • All trail system users must follow MN DNR Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations. (OHM on pg. 35-36)
  • All Trails are bi-directional. Be aware of oncoming traffic.
  • Be aware of what type of trail you are on at all times.
  • ATV’s may ride in highway ditches where it is marked as so.
  • OHM’s cannot ride in any highway ditch.
  • In an emergency dial 911. It is a good idea to carry a cell phone in your enduro pack, backpack, or bag, even if you keep it turned off until needed. It adds minimum weight and could save a life. Cell coverage is spotty in the forest. If you don’t get through move to an area that is a bit more open and try again. Hubbard County 911 operators have access to MRT trail maps and MN Emergency Trail Locator System information. Use ETLS signage to help emergency responders find your location. Also, most modern cell phones have built in GPS and emergency locator technology. Ask the 911 operator if they have the means to make use of this technology.