License Your Dirt Bike

The MN DMV has changed the laws regarding street registration of off road motorcycles.  It is now referred to as “dual registration”- this is for making our trail bikes legal to ride on the streets. With this new law change, we will be granted street riding privileges, but not an official MN
title. You will get a registration card and a motorcycle plate, but not a MN title.  With this, we will be able to safely and legally ride on the street.

The dual registration process is pretty straightforward.

Do this-

a) Register your OHM dirt bike with the MN DNR (you should already have this).

b) Install required equipment per the inspection form below.  The form shows the required equipment which you need to install that on your dirt bike.

c) No actual inspection of your motorcycle is required.  If you are riding on the street without the required equipment, you may be ticketed, so install the required equipment.

d) Fill out the forms, and go to the DMV office.

e) It will cost about $21 at the DMV office for the registration, and you will get a regular type motorcycle plate.  You will not need to pay sales tax if you already have DNR OHM registration.

f) Mount the plate on your motorcycle, and you are ready to go.

g) Be sure to have your motorcycle insured while operating on the public roads- same as other street legal vehicles.

h) One note for people converting their motorcycles in the winter-   Wait until Mar 1st before heading to the DMV office because otherwise you will pay for the current year registration (motorcycles renew March 1st of every year).

Off Highway Motorcycle Dual Registration FAQ

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